Your First Podcast Interview Will Be Uncomfortable

Your first podcast interview will be uncomfortable.


Many people know they should be appearing on podcasts.

But often, they are hesitant to dive in because of their limiting beliefs…

They think they have nothing to share…
They think that no one will listen…
They think their voice is weird…

In other words, they think too much.

It’s natural to feel nervous, though.

So aside the obvious “Just Do It” advice… What else can you do to eliminate nervousness?

A couple of things:

1. Listen to a previous episode

This will help you to familiarize yourself with the interview style.

2. Schedule a pre-interview chat

This will help you to get to know the host before the actual interview.

3. Read the reviews

This will help you to understand what the listeners value.

4. Prepare your talking points

This will help you to be more confident when answering.

5. Embrace the suck

This will help you to get into the right mindset when you feel empowered.

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