Winning The Biggest MRR Client After One Interview

Sometimes, the results come when you least expect them.

This is how one of our customers won their highest MRR account.

…And how it paid for his podcast campaign 9 times over.

For context, our customer is a seed-stage SaaS company providing a cybersecurity solution.

Our objective was to book their founder on 12 podcasts in 3-4 months.

Now… What this customer did better than most podcast guests was that he spent time building relationships with the hosts.

You see, hosts usually have other jobs than just running a podcast.

They are founders.
They are executives.
They are decision-makers.

And that was the case here as well.

After one interview, our customer reached out to the host and asked:

“What can I do to make this episode successful?”

That started the conversation.

As the conversation evolved, the host asked about the solution our customer provides because they recently had a data breach.

Aka the situation when you WISH you’d had a reliable cybersec solution in place.

Long story short, the host decided to purchase our customer’s product.

Nearly 100 seats.

A HUGE bump in the monthly recurring revenue.

All as a result of a single conversation on a podcast.

What’s the lesson here?

Don’t underestimate the relationships you’ll build with hosts.

It’s the ONE guaranteed interaction you’ll always have.

Make it count!

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