Why You Need To Start Small

Customer: “I want to appear on the Tim Ferriss Show.”
Me: “Wow, okay. Have you ever appeared on a podcast?
Customer: “Nope, not yet.”
Me: “Ok, we need to talk…”

Look, I understand you want to shoot for the stars.

But here’s the thing:

If you have no podcast guesting experience, you need to start smaller.

No, that doesn’t mean appearing on low-quality shows.

It means appearing on podcasts that are still relevant but the stakes are not that high.

Now, why do you want to do that?

It’s simple.

You’ll gain more experience.
You’ll build more credibility.
You’ll become confident.

Appearing on the largest shows in your industry puts a lot of pressure on you.

And with no experience, you probably won’t be a really engaging guest.

You might be an expert, you might know your stuff… that’s all good.

But if you can’t relax, answer questions concisely, or introduce yourself properly, you’re leaving so much on the table.

Podcast guesting is a journey.

And the more podcasts you appear on, the better your performance will be.

There’s no other way around it.

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