Why So Many Podcast Booking Agencies Fail?

The reason why so few podcast booking agencies *actually* stay in business is that they are too transactional.

They send ONE generic email and ONE generic follow-up and that’s it.

If the host declines, they don’t even get back to them.

If they accept, they don’t say thank you.

On Day 1 of Speak On Podcasts, we made a decision that every interaction with the host should elevate the relationship.


2 things:

First – it’s boring to write and send below-average emails to the host (we like to receive emails like the one below)

Second – If we do a good job for the first time, the second email gets opened quicker.

You see, we’re aware that the hosts don’t need our pitches.

They have more guest suggestions than they can count.

But if the experience has been always great, the guests were prepared, and everyone had a great time, the host will be keen to accept more guests in the future.


A predictable quality for the hosts.
Faster results for our customers.


And this applies to everything – not just podcast booking.

If you *really* go the extra mile during every interaction, the things you want will happen as a nice side-effect.

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