Why Less Than 5% Of Guests Get Accepted

The 0.5% podcast host told me THIS last week:

“I get around 3,000 guest pitches a year but only record 52 episodes…”

Here’s how Scott decides whom to invite as a guest: 👇🏻

💥 The Guest Needs To Be Relevant

This, by itself, disqualifies 90% of guest pitches.

Most agencies and in-house teams struggle to pick the most relevant podcasts as it takes a lot of time.

There are nuances that you simply won’t see just by going through the podcast in 1 minute.

As a result, most guest suggestions hosts receive are not a right fit in the first place.

💥 Publicly Available Information

If the guest is relevant, the first thing Scott does is to find them online.

Googling their name, checking their LinkedIn, or maybe searching previous podcast interviews.

This is important for 2 reasons:

1. More information about the guest (usually) demonstrates higher credibility and increases the chances of the episode being successful.

2. More information also makes it easier for Scott to prepare and come up with better questions. Again, mitigating the risks of episodes going wrong.

💥 Unique Interview Angle

Scott doesn’t like to discuss things that have been covered 10 times before on other podcasts.

Once he sees that the proposed topic is the same (or similar) to other podcasts, it dramatically lowers the chances of you being invited as a guest.

If you come up with a unique topic for his podcast, you have a higher chance of receiving an invitation.


To recap…

Podcast hosts spend tons of time and money making their podcasts great.

And inviting ANY guest presents a risk.

For that reason, they need to choose their guests wisely to mitigate the risk of the episode flopping and their time and money being wasted.

If you want to get invited onto more podcasts, keep this in mind.

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