Why B2B Executives Appear On Podcasts?

More B2B executives are appearing on podcasts.


Time commitment & credibility.

Especially in the SaaS space, executives understand that having a powerful personal brand leads to real business results.

Now what makes appearing on podcasts different from producing your own content is how little effort it takes.

Consider this:

If you want to do everything properly, one podcast interview takes around ~3 hours.

– Prep = 30 min
– Pre-interview = 30 min
– Interview = 60 min
– Follow up = 15 min
– Promotion = 60 min

(most of this can be delegated to your team)

So within ~3 hours, you’ll:

– Have a long-form piece of content you can repurpose
– Build a relationship with the host
– Connect with new relevant people
– Increase brand awareness as you reach new audiences

All with just 1 interview.

That said, podcast interviews, combined with other content you produce is a killer combo.


Appearing on podcasts offer 3rd-party credibility because it’s someone else talking about YOU and your expertise.

It’s not a coincidence that the most “B2B influencers” include them in their personal brand mix to stay relevant.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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