What’s Your Unique Podcast Angle?

One of our customers is an Italian knight.

For real.

And here’s why podcast hosts love it: 👇

See, there are tons of entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, best-selling authors, etc.

Yes, they ARE successful but podcast hosts are flooded with pitches.

They can choose from all these successful people but their podcast publishing schedule allows them to accept less than 10%.

So how do you stand out?

You need to know what makes you unique. 💡

What makes you, YOU.

Maybe it’s a weird hobby you have.

Maybe it’s your life journey.

Maybe it’s something else.

But it’s ESSENTIAL that the hosts know about it as it will:

– Increase your odds of getting invited.
– And, if invited, make the episode WAY more interesting.

👇 So here’s an example:

Our customer runs a successful e-commerce agency and they work with the world’s biggest brands.

This, by itself, is quite interesting proposition for most business podcasts.

But we wanted to take it one step further.

During the kickoff call with us, he mentioned that he was knighted by an Italian royal family for his philanthropic work in Italy.

Wait… What?

“An e-commerce entrepreneur turned Italian knight?”

Yep, I can work with that!

We used this angle to get him booked onto some leading entrepreneurship, business, and personal development podcasts.

He loved it.
The hosts loved it.
The listeners loved it.

I mean… knights usually don’t appear on podcasts, so who wouldn’t tune in… 🙂

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