What Goes Into An Unignorable Podcast Topic

“Obvious to you, amazing to others.”

In the past 2 years, I’ve helped nearly 100 people get booked on podcasts.

And THIS is what goes into an unignorable podcast topic… 👇🏻

But first things first…

The main thing podcast hosts want is to record a great episode.

That’s it.

They want to make sure their audience will enjoy it.

And whilst they’ll help you to steer the conversation, you should thoroughly describe who you are and what you do.

This is what will help you to accomplish that:

1️⃣ Describe your expertise

This is a no-brainer as hosts need to quickly understand what you’re good at.

And don’t just say “sales”.
Say “outbound email prospecting”.

Riches are in the niches. Especially when speaking on niche-relevant podcasts.

2️⃣ Tell your story

One of our customers worked personally with Jeff Bezos.

And whilst he doesn’t work with him anymore, it adds a flavor to his talks. It’s that unique twist that 99.99% of other guests can’t replicate.

Find what makes you unique.

3️⃣ Demonstrate your credibility

Expertise and story are not enough if you don’t have results.

Yeah, I get it – maybe you’re just starting.

But to get accepted onto a podcast, the host should see some track record. It’s necessary.

So remember…

The host wants a great episode.

And you probably already have all it takes to make it happen.

All you need to do is package everything properly.

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