Video Guest Pitch vs. Email Guest Pitch

Video pitch vs. Email pitch

What works better?

👇 Here’s what I learned from the top 0.5% podcast host:

“Video is great BUT…

… email gets a reply faster.”

Why is that?


Although the video is more personalized and shows more dedication, it also creates friction.

The host needs to stop what they’re doing and watch it.

Compared to reading an email, it simply takes more time. And clicks.

Generally speaking, writing a kickass email pitch will get you more bookings than recording only a video.

But it’s not that straightforward.

From what we’ve seen, the video works really well as a part of your follow-up sequence.

If you craft a REALLY good email pitch and then follow up with a REALLY good video, that will (usually) win the attention of big podcast hosts.


But remember this:

Hosts, no matter how big or small, receive TONS of guest pitches every week.

And it’s not slowing down!

If you want to succeed, make sure you remove as much friction as you can.

Easy to consume.
Easy to decide.
Easy to reply.

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