Using Text Message Funnels As A Podcast Guest

There is ONE podcast guesting strategy that outperforms others.

But yet, 95% of guests fail to use it.

Do this to become the top 5%… 👇🏻

As a guest, you’ll get this question at the end of most interviews:

“Alright, where can people go after they finish listening?”

This is your chance to tell the listener what to do after 30 minutes of conversation.

It’s your Call To Action.

These are the examples of how most people answer:

“Uhmm, go to my website.”
“Uhmm, find me on LinkedIn.”
“Uhmm, download my PDF.”

Yeah, some people might take action, but most of them won’t.


Too much friction.

You see, podcasts are consumed DIFFERENTLY than a video or a blog post.

You cannot expect the listener who is cooking dinner or exercising to stop everything, go to your website, fill in the form, and receive your PDF.

It’s too complicated.

Instead, you need to keep the whole experience as native as possible.

And since most people listen to podcasts on their phones, you should consider using SMS to capture leads.


Sign up for a tool like Ortto and set up a simple text message funnel to get in touch with potential customers.

Once done, your podcast CTA might sound like this:

“If you’d like to get the list of 78 best-performing email subject lines, text the word “email” to X-XXX-XXXX and I’ll send you the link. So once again, it’s the word “email” to X-XXX-XXXX to get the list I mentioned.”

Many of our customers tested this strategy and it works like a charm.

Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with potential customers…
…and try this method next time you speak on a podcast.

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