This Is How We Booked 2,500+ Interviews

Copy our podcast booking process.

(This is how we’ve booked 2,500+ interviews)

Step 1: Audience

– Write down who you want to reach. Use job titles and industry.

Step 2: Topics

– Describe 3 topics that you can talk about relevant to your audience.

Step 3: Presentation

– Put together your bio, headshots, previous appearances, and talking points.

Step 4: Research

– Go to ListenNotes dot com and find the best podcasts for you.

Step 5: Outreach

– Spend 20-45 minutes crafting an email to the host. Always follow up.

Step 6: Scheduling

– After you receive an invitation, get it booked as quickly as possible.

Step 7: Preparation

– Before your interview or pre-interview, always prepare your talking points

Step 8: Recording

– Show up on time, test your mic and headset, and have fun.

Step 9: Say “thank you”

– After recording, send a quick thank you note to the host.

Step 10: Promote

– Once the interview goes live, promote the heck out of it.

Do this all year and you’ll land some kickass speaking and business opportunities.

Or reach out to me and we’ll do it for you.

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