The Unintended Benefits Of Podcast Guesting

When Jakub and I started Speak On Podcasts we knew what the benefits of podcast guesting were. After all, we’d both been separately working with clients, placing them on podcasts for months before we teamed up.

We knew that podcast guesting can help:

  • Generate sales (sometimes) – From one podcast interview I generated 8 meetings and closed 4 of these into customers
  • Improve trust and credibility by positioning yourself as a thought leader
  • Reach a wider (and often more engaged) audience than your current efforts
  • Generate content for you to repurpose across other channels like social media, email and your own blog etc
  • Develop a close and personal connection with your audience – podcasts are very intimate and you have the opportunity to heard for 30-40 minutes by your ideal customer – which is far more effective than paid ads
  • Generate backlinks from high-authority domains which help increase your organic SEO
  • Create evergreen content that is often discovered by ideal customers month’s later

Both these connection requests were sent several months after my interviews were recorded.

I could go on and list out another several benefits of podcast guesting, however, that isn’t the point of this post.

What I failed to realise at the beginning of the Speak On Podcasts journey is the personal transformational benefits of speaking on podcasts.

It was only after receiving my favourite email of 2020 from one of our awesome customers that it really hit home.

In the email our customer shared 3 unintended benefits of podcast guesting which she experienced within the first couple of months, I’ve included her thoughts below:



Appearing on podcasts has helped me gain so much clarity around my message and the work that I’m doing in my coaching business.

There is really no other activity that I can think of that would have moved the needle so quickly.

When you show up as a guest you need to be ready and able to deliver meaningful content AND you get instant feedback from the host around what isn’t clear or what is most interesting in the form of follow up questions.

It’s really already helped me hone my marketing message and more fully develop some of my coaching frameworks.



I’ve experienced a radical increase in my own confidence. You both have met me, so you know I wasn’t a wallflower to start off with.

But doing podcast experiences and getting a positive response (just from the host so far) around the work I am doing has been gratifying, encouraging and confidence-building.



This is related to clarity but slightly different. With each episode I record I can hear my message getting more and more efficient – this just maximizes the impact I can and will have.


So, as you plan your growth strategies for 2021, also take time to think about the personal transformation you can achieve as a by-product of and activity.

For example, this year I worked with a presentation coach – and that was transformational for me. It’s helped me both professionally and personally become a better communicator and in turn leader.

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