The Recipe For A Boring Podcast Interview

👇 The Recipe For A Boring Podcast Interview:

1. An agreeable podcast host
2. A guest with no unique point of view

People who are willing to publicly go against a common narrative are hard to find.


It takes guts and confidence to speak up.

Having a point of view makes you really vulnerable.

But that’s what makes conversations interesting.

On podcasts, there is nothing worse than an agreeable podcast host and a guest with no PoV.

The conversation gets boring quickly.

It’s just one person agreeing with each other.

There’s no depth.

But if one disagrees with each other (or goes against a common narrative), oh boy.

That’s when the fun begins.

Whatever you do, figure out how differently you see the world.

Find your point of view.

And go all in.

Yes, you might make a few people angry but whatever.

What matters is that you’re staying true to yourself.

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