The Podcast Dynamic Is Changing

The podcast dynamic is changing.

2 years ago, it was simple to get booked onto podcasts as a guest.

Today, podcast hosts have ALL the leverage.

They’re FLOODED with guest requests and even if you’re the perfect fit, the sheer volume of pitches makes it tough to decide. You’re one of many.

And this trend is NOT slowing down.

Yet, 99% of people trying to “hack” their way onto podcasts are STILL playing by the old playbook.

They think that they are special. A snowflake. That the hosts will be excited to interview them.

That’s why they don’t make enough effort to:

💥 Build relationships with the host prior to asking.

💥 Make their email pitch stand out.

💥 Listen to an episode or two.

No. They send a generic email.

“Dear podcast host”

“I love your podcast” (…uhmm reeaally?!)

“I am an awesome serial TEDx Speaker walking-on-the-water 8-figure entrepreneur”

“Send me an invite link”


Good luck with that.

To succeed, you should start treating podcast hosts more like journalists. Or TV personalities back in the day when being on TV still meant something.


Because at the end of the day, THEY choose who gets the spotlight.

Drop the assumption that you’re the chosen one.

Do the work instead.

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