The ONE Guaranteed Interaction You’ll Have…

When we talk about podcasts guesting with potential clients, we often hear this:

“I want to increase my brand awareness… And of course, as a result, attract more customers.”

The question is: Can you generate revenue by appearing on podcasts quickly?

It depends…

Tomorrow? No way.

In a month? Hell yeah.

You see, there are a couple of bottlenecks when you begin appearing on podcasts.

💥 Finding the right shows
💥 Waiting for a reply
💥 Waiting for the recording date (weeks to months)
💥 Waiting for publishing after the recording (weeks to months)

But here’s a kicker.

Most of the people who leverage podcast guesting as a strategy expect the business to come from the audience.

And whilst it will, it takes time.

The closest conversation you’ll have will be with the hosts themselves!

If you record a fantastic episode, keep the conversation with the host going.

… Discuss potential partnership opportunities.

… Ask him/her to be your affiliate.

… Heck, the hosts can become your customers too!

Appearing on podcasts opens many doors.

But enter them with a GENUINE interest to provide value.

And then (and only then), talk business.

Hope this helps.

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