CASE STUDY – Treasure Data

How Treasure Data built brand awareness and elevated trust by educating MarTech leaders on how to create first-party data strategies


Treasure Data


Kazuki Ohta (CEO)
Zack Wenthe (Evangelist)


B2B SaaS ($100M ARR)


MarTech leaders 

CAMPAIGN highlights

Building Profiles For 2 Podcast Speakers

The CEO talked about the vision, the Evangelist talked about the product and the industry.

In-Depth Interview & Marketing Coaching

Worked closely with both speakers and the marketing team to get the most out of each appearance.

Team Support & Communication

We used Slack and emial to communicate with both speakers, as well as the scheduling team.

ABOUT Treasure Data »

Leading Customer Data Platform

Treasure Data makes it simple to translate millions of data points into individual customer journeys so you can make better decisions, build customer trust, and accelerate growth.


Through podcasts, Treasure Data wanted to increase brand awareness and develop new content

Treasure Data decided to secure podcast interviews for their CEO (Kazuki Ohta) and Chief Evangelist (Zack Wenthe) to build brand awareness, evangelize the CDP category, and create more content.

The objective was to reach B2B/B2C MarTech leaders interested in creating first-party data strategies.

Podcasts should be a part of just about every brand marketing strategy. There are simply so many benefits, including the opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones, the creation of brand messaging-friendly content that can be utilized via multiple channels, and just general top-of-funnel awareness that can really pay dividends. On top of all that, podcasts can be consumed on the go and while engaged in other activities, so there’s simply no reason for every brand not to engage them as a marketing channel.
Phil Lanides
Public Relations Manager

2 speakers speaking to the same audience about different topics

Orchestrating multi-speaker campaigns requires a different approach compared to single-speaker podcast tours.

In Treasure Data’s case, the goal was to build brand awareness. But both speakers, the CEO (Kazuki Ohta) and the Chief Evangelist (Zack Wenthe) needed to talk about the different topics to the overlapping audience.

During the onboarding phase, we specified the shared audience as MarTech leaders and for both speakers, crafted multiple 2-4 topics. Then, we presented everything to podcast hosts on their individual profile pages.

The outreach and scheduling were handled by one booking agent, streamlining the experience for the Treasure Data team.

After the initial outreach that instantly resulted in multiple bookings, we coached Kaz and Zack on how to prepare, how to network with hosts, and how to monetize their podcast interviews.

As a result, the campaign was finished within the timeframe and impacted 1,000s of listeners as well as current Treasure Data customers through in-house distribution.

What made podcast hosts say 'Yes' to Kaz & Zack

Visit their podcast profile pages: Kazuki Ohta, Zack Wenthe

SoP utilizes a high number of touches with us as clients, which helps us to stay engaged and on top of the campaign. They are also receptive and adaptive to feedback, which has helped improve our experience. And most of the podcast appearances have mapped back to our initial strategy.
Phil Lanides
Public Relations Manager

Both speakers got invited onto 10+ podcasts in under 4 months


Evangelizing the CDP category and increasing Treasure Data's brand awareness

Both Kaz and Zack were booked on 10 podcasts each in the MarTech and Technology niche within 4 months.

That allowed them to educate relevant decision-makers on why it’s important to consider leveraging customer data in a new way. By doing that, they positioned themselves and Treasure Data as a thought leader in the industry and further strengthened their position in the CDP category.

Both speakers, as well as the Treasure Data marketing team, leveraged the content from podcast episodes to nurture their audiences via multiple existing channels – mostly LinkedIn, email newsletter, and TikTok.

Being interviewed on podcasts also supplemented their other PR efforts since podcast appearances offer a unique insight into what message resonates with the target audience.

Lastly, the coaching provided for both speakers led to additional interview invitations since both Kaz and Zack were always prepared and treated their interviews as networking opportunities.

Most of the podcast appearances (especially for Zack) have fulfilled our initial strategy, and we’ve been able to slice out content to be used in our social channels. In addition, we have built some new relationships with podcast hosts that have opened doors to other relationships.
Phil Lanides
Public Relations Manager

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