How three Paddle executives dominated the B2B SaaS & FinTech podcasting landscape by telling a story of a $200M acquisition




Christian Owens (CEO)
Andrew Davies (CMO)
Daniëlle Keeven (VP, Finance) 


Series D B2B SaaS


B2B SaaS, FinTech

Campaign Highlights







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Paddle is a solution used by B2B and B2C software companies around the world to offload operational complexities so they can focus on growth.


Through podcasts, Paddle wanted to share the story of the $200M ProfitWell acquisition

Paddle wanted to secure appearances for their CEO, CMO, and VP of Finance to share the story of their successful Series D round and the $200M ProfitWell acquisition. Through these topics, they wanted to build more brand awareness and grow their network.

The objective was to reach SaaS Executives and Founders interested in innovative growth strategies and inspirational SaaS stories.

Podcasts are a great storytelling channel for us. We've seen great success with podcast speaking before with Christian, our CEO, telling the founding story of Paddle. So when we had big news in the pipeline, podcasting seemed like the natural channel for us to tell the story and spread the news about the acquisition and our recent fundraise.
Bianca Dragan
Head Of Brand Marketing

3 speakers and orchestration around public announcements

Usually, podcast campaigns are not tied to time-sensitive company events. Paddle’s campaign was different.

What made this engagement unique was the orchestration around multiple big announcements, such as their ProfitWell acquisition and Series D round.

We worked with 3 different speakers, all targeting the same audience of B2B SaaS and Fintech professionals. Because of this audience overlap, we needed to present each speaker in their own unique way. During the onboarding phase, we crafted 2–4 topics for each speaker and presented everything on their individual podcast profile pages.

The CEO (Christian Owens) talked about building a SaaS unicorn in the UK, the CMO (Andrew Davies) talked about PLG and innovative SaaS growth strategies, and the VP of Finance (Daniëlle Keeven) talked about SaaS compliance.

On  Speak On Podcasts’ side, the campaign was handled by one Booking Agent who communicated with Paddle’s team via Slack. That made the scheduling process simple and speakers could just show up and deliver their interviews.

In total, we booked over 30 interviews for all speakers combined on leading B2B SaaS and Fintech podcasts and finished the campaign within the agreed-upon timeframe.


3 Speakers Talking To The Same Audience

Each speaker talked about multiple unique topics to overlapping audiences in the B2B SaaS industry.

Orchestration Around Public Announcements

Aligned the interview dates with news of the $200M ProfitWell acquisition and Series D announcements.

Massive Social Media Impact

With 3 speakers on more than 25 podcasts, the social media content reached 10,000+ people.

What made podcast hosts say 'Yes' to Paddle speakers

Visit their podcast profile pages: Christian Owens, Andrew Davies, Daniëlle Keeven.

Sourcing the right podcasts for us was a big challenge and Speak on Podcasts researched and recommended podcasts with a great reach for each of our speakers. We then worked together to finalise the target list and the rest was a breeze, with SoP handling the pitching and scheduling of the interviews. A nice bonus was their help in recommending speakers for our own podcast, Protect the Hustle.
Bianca Dragan
Head Of Brand Marketing

Each speaker got invited onto 10+ podcasts in under 4 months







Appearing on 30+ top B2B SaaS podcasts & sharing their story with 1000s of relevant listeners

Each of the speakers appeared on 10+ unique podcasts covering unique topics relevant to their target audience and Paddle’s business goals.

The common thread for all speakers was the $200M acquisition story. Combined with other PR and marketing efforts, this story shook the whole B2B SaaS world and created a huge buzz around Paddle.

Appearing on podcasts helped Chris, Andrew, and Daniëlle to build their personal brands, expand their audiences on social media, and strengthen their thought leadership in the SaaS industry.

On top of that, podcast hosts heavily promoted the episodes on social media which supported Paddle’s content marketing efforts.

We've noticed an uptick in organic reach, and brand recognition. For us, it was really important to ensure wide awareness of our acquisition and grow the personal brand of our speakers and we've achieved both with great success.
Bianca Dragan
Head Of Brand Marketing

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