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How three Paddle executives dominated the B2B SaaS & FinTech podcasting landscape by telling a story of a $200M acquisition


How Treasure Data built brand awareness and elevated trust by educating MarTech leaders on how to create first-party data strategies


How Gong’s CMO evangelized the Revenue Intelligence category and promoted a new product among 1,000s of mid-market & enterprise sales leaders

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Alan Gleeson, Founder @ Work With Agility

“Exceptionally professional”

It’s been great to get opportunities to share my ideas and thoughts with so many different B2B SaaS podcasts around the world. Something that it would have taken me a really long time if I had been doing it myself.

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Dan mcgaw, ceo & founder @ mcgaw.io

“A LOT of content!”

Podcasts were a really really low-energy lift for us to get the word out there and to be able to create a LOT of content. And not only that we create content IN the podcasts but we also use those podcasts to repurpose to be used elsewhere.

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Mark Raffan, Founder @ Content Callout

“Coaching was excellent”

They prepared us substantially for those placements. We got really good public speaking coaching. We got really good operations coaching. They gave us coaching on how to tie in a CTA at the end a lot better. I feel like the coaching that they did provide was excellent.

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Romi Davidor, Marketing Manager @ Stoke Talent

“Everything on time”

As a marketeer, I work with dozens of vendors. And working with somebody that you can trust is very important because, in marketing, you don’t see results right away. You need someone that can adapt and do the best on their side. For that, I definitely recommend Speak On Podcasts.

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Roly Walter, CEO & Founder @ Appraisd

“Fantastic podcasts”

I wanted to go on podcasts because I’ve got a subject that I’m passionate about and I wanted people to hear about it as it really relates to my product. And I wanted to show that there’s more to what we do as a business than just trying to make money. 

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Tim Parkin, President @ Parkin Consulting

“Pretty hands-off”

It was just a wonderful experience overall and I can’t say enough positive things about it. I was told from the beginning that it would be pretty hands-off, but I think it was well beyond that almost to where a podcast just magically appeared on my calendar and everything was handled and set up.

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Skyler Reeves, Founder & CEO @ Ardent Growth

“The journey's been fantastic”

The main goal was to have conversations with other markers to kind of raise the awareness of our own brand. To increase that top of funnel demand gen, just letting people know that we exist to get the word out there.

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Tim Cakir, Co-Founder @ Juno Talent

“Absolute legends”

I did feel prepared. The coaching really helped me because they’ve highlighted the areas that I should work on. We worked to better my call to action, my introduction and so on. So that really helped me a lot.

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ANDREw bartlow, founder & CEO @ Series b consulting

I've been thrilled!”

I think this is a really high-quality service that supports people that are trying to get their message out and trying to raise their profile. This campaign enhanced my brand and I think this could work for people in a number of other areas and fields.

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Nora Herting, CEO & Co-founder @ imagethink

“I had a great time!”

Well, first of, just in terms of communication with your team in the process, everybody was so responsive, so organised, and so on top of things. I appreciate it’s always hard to keep up with the scheduling but you were so successful.

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brad smith, CEO @ wordable & codeless

“I just showed up and talked."

A lot of the new podcasts just showed up on my calendar and  I was able just kind of like “set it and forget it”, so I could just go about my usual day and usual week. Everything was taken care of and I could just show up and talk.

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Dan Murray-serter, ceo & co-founder @ heights

“11 out of 10!”​

11 out of 10. Definitely exceeded expectations. Lots of honesty, lots of clarity, lots humility – all the things I care about when working with a business partner. Just a great company culture and communication.

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Lisa song sutton, serial entrepreneur

“Really pleased with the results.”

One of the things I really appreciate is that as soon as I sent in my inquiry, I hopped on a Zoom call and there was just no pressure, you guys really took the time to kind of hear me out and figure out what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to go. And that’s just been so helpful along the way. 

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robert brabo, Founder & CEO @ Hail media group

“It's well worth the time, the money, the effort.”

If you’re in the business world, and you have products that you’re selling to consumers or other businesses and you want an avenue to get yourself out there and get your brand out there, Speak On Podcasts will definitely help you do that.

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charlie bailes, CEO @ CB Supplements

“Extremely satisfied.”

I’ve gotten to meet some really awesome people, which I’m grateful for that. So I’ve loved the experience and highly recommend it to anybody who’s trying to get into the podcasting world.

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finnian kelly, founder & CEO @ intentionality inc

“I love working with them!”

I’ve been super impressed with their experience so far. I’m over halfway through the journey with them. I’ve been getting some incredible podcasts. Everything’s been so easy. My team ever loved working with their team. And they’re great champions and great supporters of our brand.

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Oren greenberg, ceo @ kurve.co.uk

“Fantastic team, really high standard of quality delivery.”

I’m very delighted with the results. Working with you guys has been fantastic compared to lots of other providers that I’ve had where sometimes the quality is quite variable, but the quality with you is pretty consistent and predictable. A really great vibe and I enjoy working with you. Really fantastic.

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bretton putter, founder & CEO @ Culturegene

“Competitors are trying to catch up...”

You have to research probably 150 to get onto 50 podcasts. I didn’t have the time to do it. I didn’t have the time to arrange it. And the professional manner in which my book and I were presented to the podcast hosts – far, far better than I could do and far better than I saw anybody else doing in the market.

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Luis gonzales, master facilitator @ fierce

“I am having fun!”

My goal of working with the team at Speak On Podcast was to get on the podcasts where the audience is interested in our message. We’ve been able to accomplish that and we’ve had some fun along the way. I just love their professionalism and our working relationship. I definitely recommend Speak On Podcasts to anyone who’s interested in podcast guesting!

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Becky morrison, ceo @ untangle happiness

“It’s supercharged my growth.”

I expected to be able to get my message out to a wider audience and develop my platform. And that’s starting to happen. But surprisingly, I’ve also really grown as a business person and as a leader myself. That’s increased my confidence. It’s increased my sales, it’s had a huge impact on who I am.

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Amy lynn durham, ceo @ create magic at work

“So many shows that match my audience!”

My brand Create Magic At Work was born out of the response I was getting from these podcast interviewers. People behind Speak On Podcasts are fun, energetic, and supportive. They don’t leave you behind once they sign you on. They have a vested interest in your success. I love working with people that have integrity, and follow through with their word.

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“I admire your ability to build rapport and your powers of persuasion and off pitching your client very well.”

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“I love how you present your clients. Well done.”

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Your persistence and creativity worked. I’ve asked my colleague/partner to connect with you.”