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“It’s supercharged my growth in a way that nothing else could have.”

I expected to be able to get my message out to a wider audience and develop my platform. And that’s starting to happen. But surprisingly, I’ve also really grown as a business person and as a leader myself. That’s increased my confidence. It’s increased my sales, it’s had a huge impact on who I am.

Becky Morrison, Executive Coach at Grantley Coaching

“I am having fun!”

My goal of working with the team at Speak On Podcast was to get on the podcasts where the audience is interested in my message. We’ve been able to accomplish that and we’ve had some fun along the way. I just love their professionalism and our working relationship. I definitely recommend Speak On Podcast to anyone who’s interested in podcast guesting!

Luis Gonzáles, Master Facilitator at Fierce Conversations

“They’ve gotten me on so many shows that match my audience.”

My brand Create Magic At Work was born out of the response I was getting from these podcast interviewers. People behind Speak On Podcasts are fun, energetic, and supportive. They don’t leave you behind once they sign you on. They have a vested interest in your success. I love working with people that have integrity, and follow through with their word.

Amy Lynn Durham, Executive Coach & Book Author at Create Magic At Work

“Fantastic team, really high standard of quality delivery.”

I’m very delighted with the results. Working with you guys has been fantastic compared to lots of other providers that I’ve had where sometimes the quality is quite variable, but the quality with you is pretty consistent and predictable. A really great vibe and I enjoy working with you. Really fantastic.

Oren Greenberg, Chief Growth Marketing Officer at KURVE

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James Carbary, the host of B2B Growth Show (150k+ listeners)

More Praise...

“You’re literally like the first person I’ve responded to as I get soooooo many podcast guest pitches.”

“Kudos to you, you really know how to make “cold email” work, I appreciate these things. 🙂

“I admire your ability to build rapport and your powers of persuasion and off pitching your client very well.”

“I really appreciate your amazing follow up. Really above and beyond… Great job!”

“You had me with the short song!

Your persistence and creativity worked. I’ve asked my colleague/partner to connect with you.”

“I love how you present your clients. Well done.”

“Thanks, Jakub. Very creative. And enjoyable.”

“Seems like you live up to what your website says – hyper-personalised and relevant pitches for your clients. Well done.”

LOL thank you for the great presentation and recommendation.”

“The interview was stellar. Luis was stellar. Probably one of the best interviews I’ve done to date.”

“You get an A+++ for creativity! Love it!

“I just want to say how impressed I am with your process with the podcast outreach and follow up.”

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