Top 5 Benefits Of Appearing On Podcasts

What are the biggest benefits of appearing on podcasts? According to our customers, these are the top 5: → Once the podcast interview is recorded, it’s discoverable online with no additional work from your end. Forever. → You effortlessly generate anecdotes and snippets that your sales team can weave into conversations. → You can repurpose […]

The “Top 5% Podcast” Doesn’t Mean Anything

Here’s a tactic used by some of our competitors: “We guarantee to book you only on the top 5% of podcasts.” Sure, it sounds cool but it’s also incredibly misleading. Podcast databases like ListenNotes (dot) com created their own podcast ranking metrics. And whilst I’d love to say that these metrics are at least directionally […]

All Interview-Based Podcasts Should Be Video Podcasts

This might trigger some podcast hosts but… I think that all interview-based podcasts should be video podcasts. Audio-only is awesome but it’s also incredibly limiting. When you produce an audio-only podcast, you can’t fully take advantage of content repurposing. Sure, you can create audiograms and images. But compared to 2 people talking on camera, it’s […]

Considering Podcast Guesting? This Is The Right Mindset

Podcast guesting is not just for founders and executives… You probably work with talented people who have things to share. But do you trust them to represent your company? It comes down to mindset… Take LinkedIn content for example: Some companies love it when their employees post. Other companies are against it. Abundance vs. Scarcity […]

You Should Feel Nervous Before Your Podcast Interview

Nervousness before a podcast interview is good. You should welcome it. Why? It motivates you to prepare. The most engaging podcast guests crush the interviews for 2 reasons: a. They prepare b. They are experienced speakers Often, it’s a combination of both. But if you’re just starting, it’s more than natural to feel nervous. This […]

Stop Making These 3 Podcast Guesting Mistakes

After appearing on a podcast, some guests win new opportunities. But for the majority, that’s still far from the truth. 👇 Stop doing these 3 things to increase your odds: 1. STOP relying on the listener Very often, guests think that after their episode gets published, interested listeners will get in touch to buy their […]

Copy This Podcast Guest CTA Strategy

You should keep your podcast call to action natural. Use this formula to make your CTA sound natural AND perform well: At the end of most podcast interviews, the host will ask you where people can learn more about you and your business. And that’s when most guests mess up. Why? Because they don’t make […]

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Metrics In Podcast Guesting

Qualitative & quantitative metrics in podcast guesting: Qualitative: – On calls, prospects seem more educated – People mention your brand across social media – More inbound speaking/podcast opportunities – Increase in the 3rd party recommendations – Positive feedback from your sales team Quantitative: – Interviews get mentioned as a lead source – More branded search […]

Don’t Rely On Podcast Reach Estimates

When I hosted my podcast, I got around 5 listeners per episode. Yet, according to ListenNotes, I was in the Top 5% globally. Wait… WHAT? 3 years ago, I started Real Talks With Jacob to have conversations with interesting people. It was never my intention to grow it into a huge podcast. Yet, according to […]

Read This Before Sending Your Next Podcast Pitch Email

A weekly podcast records 52 episodes a year. But… they often receive 50+ pitches a week. As a result, over 98% of podcast pitches get rejected. (Or less than 2% get accepted) Crazy right? If you break it down like this, it immediately makes more sense to spend a ridiculous amount of time crafting a […]