Podcast Guesting And Buying Intent

Someone listened to your podcast interview… They ignored all call to actions… And yet, they became customers… Why? 🤔 It’s simple. 💡 They weren’t ready to buy from you when they heard you for the first time. But your podcast interview did its job: 👉 It made a potential customer aware of you, your expertise, […]

Why You Need To Start Small

Customer: “I want to appear on the Tim Ferriss Show.” Me: “Wow, okay. Have you ever appeared on a podcast? Customer: “Nope, not yet.” Me: “Ok, we need to talk…” Look, I understand you want to shoot for the stars. But here’s the thing: If you have no podcast guesting experience, you need to start […]

5 Methods To Promote Your Podcast Interview

How to promote your podcast interview. Here are my 5 favorite methods: Let’s start with the most obvious one: 💥 1. A Good Ol’ Text Post By far the easiest method to spread the word about your interview. Right after the interview, write down 3-5 topics you discussed. Then craft a few posts where you […]

Most Podcast Guests Don’t Promote Their Interviews

Most podcast guests don’t promote their interviews. That’s a huge mistake. But why does that happen? 👇 Well, most people are NOT used to posting content. For me, posting on LinkedIn is easy because I do it every day. But for someone who posts once a month or doesn’t post at all, it’s more difficult […]

Establishing Thought Leadership With Podcast Appearances

Podcast guesting is the fastest way to build thought leadership in your industry. Compared to just posting on LinkedIn or hosting your podcast, you’re becoming a part of an already-established channel. – The hosts shine the light on your expertise. – The hosts will go the extra mile to promote the episode. – Your name […]

Why B2B Executives Appear On Podcasts?

More B2B executives are appearing on podcasts. Why? Time commitment & credibility. Especially in the SaaS space, executives understand that having a powerful personal brand leads to real business results. Now what makes appearing on podcasts different from producing your own content is how little effort it takes. Consider this: If you want to do […]

Most Podcast Guests Leave So Much On The Table

Most podcast guests leave so much on the table. As a result, they miss out on the most benefits. What’s the secret to success, then? Preparation! And it’s far from just preparing your topic, talking points, and answers. To see all the benefits of your podcast interview, you must learn about the host too. The […]

Most PR Agencies Suck At Booking Podcast Interviews

Most PR agencies suck at booking podcast interviews. Why? They’re generalists. Here’s a service offering of a random PR agency I found: Awards Submissions Crisis Communications Management Corporate Social Responsibility Employee Communication Speaking Opportunities (incl. podcasts) Launches Media Relations (and 6 more) The above is a nice example of how most PR websites look like. […]

Podcast Guesting Shouldn’t Be Your Only Marketing Activity

This will sound weird coming from me but… Podcast guesting shouldn’t be your ONLY marketing activity. There are simply too many things outside your control. The truth is, your podcast appearances will work the best if you have other marketing channels already established. Why? It allows you to take a bit more control of how […]

The Opportunity Cost Of DIY Podcast Booking

You can get yourself booked on podcasts. Without any podcast booking agency. But for what cost? In theory, securing podcast interviews is easy. You find a podcast, send an email, and that’s it… Right? Well… Reality is a bit different. Many of our customers tried podcast outreach inhouse and after weeks of trial and error, […]