Stop Making These 3 Podcast Guesting Mistakes

After appearing on a podcast, some guests win new opportunities.

But for the majority, that’s still far from the truth.

👇 Stop doing these 3 things to increase your odds:

1. STOP relying on the listener

Very often, guests think that after their episode gets published, interested listeners will get in touch to buy their stuff.

And although it often happens, it’s never guaranteed.

Instead, focus on building a relationship with the host and always promote the episode on social media.

2. STOP underestimating the preparation

Yep, you might be the expert in your field.

But it really doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be an engaging guest.

Delivering a great interview is about being able to answer the questions concisely, be (and feel) natural, tell stories, and have fun. And for that, you need to prepare.

3. STOP focusing on what you can’t control

And this is the most important advice.

Before, during, and after your podcast interview, there are many moments that you have control over.

Everything from learning about the show and preparing your stories to turning your episode into social media content and building a relationship with the host.


Direct, monetary ROI is usually not the main goal of our customers.

Yet still, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances.

Use this post to make your next podcast appearance a success.

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