Stop Lying In Your Podcast Guest Pitches

Trying to secure podcast interviews for yourself? 🤨

There’s ONE THING that podcast hosts absolutely hate…

The one thing that will get your email deleted…

❌ It’s when you lie in your emails.

The host KNOWS that you probably reach out to many other hosts.

And she also KNOWS that you probably don’t listen to her show.

So please don’t say things like…

“I love your show.”
“I’m a huge fan of your podcast.”
“I’ve been following you for years.”

… unless they’re not 100% true.

After talking to many hosts about this topic, statements like these are often followed by something completely irrelevant.

Or by something incredibly generic.

And you’ve just discredited yourself.

You made yourself look like a fool.

Listen to an episode or two before you reach out.



💥 First, you’ll be able to craft a way better email.

💥 Second, hosts appreciate that you’ve done your homework.

💥 Third, as a result, you’ll receive way more podcast invitations.

Start the relationship the right way. And things will work out!

Hope this helps! 🙂

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