Stop Following The 2019 Podcast Guesting Playbook

What got you booked on podcasts in 2019, will damage your reputation today…

🔻 Pitching 3-5 topics in email
🔻 Spraying and praying
🔻 No personalization
🔻 Transactional
🔻 No follow up

Then, the pandemic hit.

Stages got closed, conferences got canceled.

And podcast hosts started receiving 4-5X more pitches.

More emails, more options, more competition.

Yet, many people, PR agencies, and podcast booking agencies still play by the outdated 2019 playbook.

Occasionally, they get lucky.

But it’s not sustainable nor efficient.

To get booked today, you need to take a different approach.

✅ Hyper-personalization and relevancy
✅ Unique topic angle for each host
✅ Relationships, not transactions
✅ Value-driven follow ups
✅ Low volume of emails

Yes, it will take way more time but that’s the way.

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