Stop Focusing On Direct Response

You can’t track the impact of each podcast’s appearance.

But that DOES NOT make it a bad strategy.

Here’s why. 👇

Most listeners don’t reach out to you after listening, even if they liked the episode.

Some do. Most don’t.

That’s why measuring the success just based on the direct response is wrong.

When you appear on podcasts listened to by your perfect audience, they will start recognising your brand.

Tie your brand to the problem you solve + the audience you serve and you’ve positioned yourself successfully.

And although NOTHING visible happens on your end after the interview, the seed has been planted.

A buyer that didn’t know you now knows you.


Frequency is important, though.

Appearing on just one show doesn’t make much sense.

It’s a nice ego-boost but it’s not a sound strategy.

Find the cadence that works for you.

2 per month for 6 months is a good start.

More podcasts = more recognition.

More podcasts = faster feedback loop.

More podcasts = more content for your channels.

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