Should You Appear On Brand New Podcasts?

Most people don’t want to appear on brand new podcasts as guests.

As a rule of thumb, there’s nothing wrong about it…

But there are exceptions: 👇

Before you decide to decline an interview opportunity, make sure you look into the 3 following areas:

💥 Who runs the podcast?

Ryan Serhant launched his new podcast quite recently.

If you’d look at it just through the lens of how many episodes it published or when it started, you’d probably disqualify this opportunity.

That wouldn’t be a smart choice.

Ryan and his team have a huge marketing engine behind everything they do. And although the podcast is new, they’d promote the heck out of your episode.

💥 Who are the previous guests?

Let’s say the podcast has only 10 episodes. Do you know at least 3-5 of the previous guests? Are they famous in your industry?

If yes, consider appearing on this podcast.

Credibility by association is a real thing.

💥 Can it create win-win situations?

Some new podcasts don’t have huge guests. Or are not run by big names.

But the host might be someone you’d like to get in touch with.

Maybe they can partner with you, recommend customers, or even become clients themselves.

The bottom line is this…

It’s never just black and white.

Make sure you look into all variables before saying yes or no.

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