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People buy from people. Competing on features or pricing doesn’t work anymore. To win B2B customers, you need to share your story through platforms they trust.

Your customers listen to podcasts. Do they hear you?

We’ve booked our customers on hundreds of industry-leading podcasts.

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oren greenberg, ceo @

“Fantastic team, really high standard of quality delivery.”

I’m very delighted with the results. Working with you guys has been fantastic compared to lots of other providers that I’ve had where sometimes the quality is quite variable, but the quality with you is pretty consistent and predictable. A really great vibe and I enjoy working with you. Really fantastic. 

#1 B2B podcast pr campaign

20 Podcasts in 6 Months

Become the brand that customers know, like, and trust by tapping into the power of the fastest-growing B2B medium. With podcasts, you won’t lose your competitive edge.

Bespoke Strategy & Research

We have a proven methodology to matching you with the perfect podcasts which is based on thorough research designed around your individual needs.

Fully-Managed Outreach

We handle everything – all you need to do is prepare for your appearance, turn up and speak about the things you already know better than anyone else.

SOP Academy & Coaching

You get access to a range of resources including our ‘How To’ videos, which guide you through preparing for your podcasts and how to land your key messages.

Content Production

Along side your appearances, we create a series of high-impact pieces of content for you to choose from to help extend the reach and impact of your appearance.

Keep your social media profiles and blog alive

As a part of your podcast tour, we’ll turn every episode into a high-converting blog post and thumb-stopping images & videos for your social media channels. We’ll work alongside your marketing team without adding hours of work to their plate.

You can then leverage this content to ignite your social media growth or to follow-up with your future customers in your sales pipeline.

Campaign scope

20 Podcasts in 6 Months

Stay ahead of your competition through the power of podcasts.

Become super-legendary!

Podcast hosts receive hundreds of boring pitches – it takes creativity to stand out. Here’s a video that got our customer Tom Fairey on hot podcasts in startup space.

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Interviews. Not efforts.

20 podcast bookings in 6 months. That’s our promise.

If podcast host cancels the show, we’ll find the next relevant replacement for no extra cost.

If your podcast episode doesn’t get published, we’ll book you on the next one for no extra cost.

If you don’t have 20 bookings in month 6, we’ll keep working with you until you do for no extra cost.

People behind Speak On Podcasts are fun, energetic, and supportive. They don’t leave you behind once they sign you on. They have a vested interest in your success. I love working with people that have integrity, and follow through with their word.

Amy Lynn Durham, Author of Create Magic At Work


Why should I speak on podcasts?

Currently, there is no better B2B channel to authentically connect with your target audience than podcasts. Speaking on podcasts will make you an industry thought leader, fuel your reputation and trust, and inevitably increase revenue. And let’s be real… nobody reads your press release anyway.

Is our brand ready to appear on podcasts?

Even though podcasts are for everyone, we’ve found our sweet spot: We work with B2B and tech brands with $2M+ ARR that already understand the value of brand awareness and/or invest in PR.

How much time is required from my end?

4 hours per month is all we ask. Our dedicated podcast booking agents will handle all the back and forths, so all you have to do is just prepare and deliver great interview. We often work closely with your marketing team or existing PR providers to align our efforts.

On which podcasts you'll book me?

On podcasts that your target audience listens to. Even though size is important, we put relevancy first. From our customers’ experience, speaking to just 300 people from their ideal audience can yield better results than delivering the same message to 10’s of thousands of people with various backgrounds.

Will you help me to become a great guest?

You’ll get a full access to our SOP Academy ($1,990 Value). We’ve built this resource to guide you through podcast preparation and other crucial elements, such as landing your key messages & CTAs. If you’d like to take it to the next level, we can introduce you to the different speaking experts based on your requirements.

What are the costs?

Our packages range between $2,500 to $5,000 per month. 

What's the ROI?

Podcast appearances will put you at the heart your customer lives and decision making. A higher brand awareness will make sales conversations easier, lower the cost per acquisition, boost your outbound email open rates, and increase brand loyalty. On top of that, we’ll produce tons of branded social media content and blog posts which will drive the top of a funnel traffic, SEO, and social media engagement.

What content can I expect?

As a part of your campaign, we’ll turn every episode into 2 videos, 2 images, and 1 blog post. All strictly in your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes. If we won’t hit the target, we’ll keep working until we do for no extra costs. You can also always temporarily pause the campaign if you need to reallocate your money somewhere else. We’ll then continue where we left off. If you want to learn more, please review our ToS.

1 interview = 1 tree

We’ve pledged that for every podcast interview we secure, we will plant one tree.