Seed vs. Series A SaaS Companies On Podcasts

Seed vs. Series A (SaaS)

Here are the 3 main differences when it comes to speaking on podcasts.

👇 This is how they describe their goals:

Seed: Generate more revenue
Series A: Generate demand

👇 These are the speakers:

Seed: Founder/CEO
Series A: Founder/CEO/Executive

Both usually have a team around them that helps with scheduling.

👇 This is how they leverage content:

Seed: Speaker’s LinkedIn profile
Series A: Distribution through all existing channels

Series A companies already have a small marketing team in place, so the distribution is not such a heavy lift compared to seed-stage companies.


In a nutshell:

Speaking on podcasts will help you, no matter the stage you’re in.

How you describe your goals might be different but the vehicle stays the same.

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