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Meet Scott Stouffer. As the CEO & Founder of scaleMatters, he shares how B2B companies build GTM engines that reduce CAC, shorten sales cycles, and drive capital-efficient growth.

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Who is Scott?

Scott Stouffer is a 5X CEO / 3X Founder — currently, the CEO & Founder of scaleMatters, delivering Go-to-Market operations, analytics, and insights to help businesses drive capital-efficient growth. Scott is also the co-host of The Data Room podcast.

Scott took his first company (Visual Networks) public in 2001 and grew it to a peak market cap of $3 billion.

Since 2011, Scott has focused much of his energy on early and growth-stage tech companies. Building quantitative data and process models that uncover waste, inefficiency, and friction in the Go-to-Market function.

His method of managing Go-to-Market was so effective (71% CAC reduction and 47% faster sales cycles in 6 months) at his last company (Salsa Labs) that he started scaleMatters to help more B2B companies drive faster, capital-efficient growth.




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Dan's book

Build Cool Sh*t

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Let Dan McGaw, an industry veteran who has decades of experience with marketing technology and analytics, help you create a powerful, flexible marketing technology stack with his collection of essential tools.

Joey Malysz
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“Excited to read Dan McGaw’s book. Dan and have been early adopters, evangelists, and valued partners to Segment, our technology ecosystem, and our customers since the early days. Recommend the read and working with Dan for any martech stack implementations.”
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“If you are looking to build or improve your marketing technology stack, or create other amazing things—do yourself a favor and get this book. Dan McGaw is a martech stack wizard and his enlightenment will blow your mind.”
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"Straight from the mind of Dan McGaw, and as usual — it didn’t disappoint. He clearly lays out a Marketing Technology Stack that any B2B or B2C would be wise to adopt. I thoroughly enjoyed the case study.”

What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Agile GTM Management: How Can Revenue Leaders Thrive In The Market Downturn

The expected market downturn in 2023 is causing companies to shift from growth at all costs and prioritize efficiency instead. But many revenue leaders are struggling to make informed decisions due to a lack of quality data and expertise in implementing and optimizing their GTM (sales and marketing) strategy. This can lead to unconscious iterations and suboptimal decision-making.

On your podcast, Scott can share his agile GTM management that helps companies overcome these challenges by continuously gathering feedback data and creating feedback loops. This method allows senior revenue leaders to optimize their GTM strategy more efficiently, make better decisions faster, and save time and resources as the company scales.

Topic #2

5 Key Context Elements To Make Your GTM Metrics Actionable

Noisy KPI dashboards & static scorecards have made us all numb to data. Nothing jumps out as actionable. It’s very difficult to interpret what’s important and what’s not, and what’s actionable without context. Especially in 2023, investors need a set of actionable data that allows them to draw conclusions about the future prospects for a business, based on current performance.

On your podcast, Scott can share the 5 key elements of context that make GTM reporting actionable to improve operations and outcomes. He’ll explain why the first critical contextual element is time. He’ll explain how the contextual elements of plan, time, causality, significance, and industry benchmarks are crucial to making GTM data actionable.

Topic #3

How Can RevOps Add Strategic Value To The C-Suite

The revenue operations team often knows more about the tactical ins and outs of growing the company than any other department. They spend a lot of energy on the entire lead-to-deal funnel process. They have a good understanding of where friction occurs and where there are points of inefficiency that negatively affect win rates or increase the sales cycle length. How can RevOps leaders get a seat at the executive leadership table to provide insights and analysis?

On your podcast, Scott can share tangible ways that RevOps leaders can provide such strategic value to the C-suite. Specifically why the more strategic value they provide to executives, the more supportive they’ll be of teams and initiatives. He can explain how to set up your data infrastructure to identify friction and what specific types of insights are most valuable to CROs, CFOs, and CEOs. 

Topic #4

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