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Here's What To Do Next...

STEP ONE: Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call below with to identify the best way to leverage Podcast Guesting as a strategy in YOUR business. 

STEP TWO: Once the call is scheduled, go to your email inbox and accept the calendar invitation so you don’t miss your Strategy Session.

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Here's What To Expect On Your Call...

During the session, we’ll walk you through the 3 core areas in every podcast guesting campaign: Goal, Audience, Topics.

First, we’ll learn about your goals and the timeframe you’ve set for yourself to achieve them. Then, we’ll gain clarity on whether Podcast Guesting can support you on your journey. If yes, we continue to the next step.

Second, we’ll dive deep into your audience. As we’ve booked close to 1,000 podcast interviews, we will quickly guide you in the right direction. Choosing the audience correctly is the foundation of each successful podcast campaign.

Third, you’ll share the topics that you believe will resonate with your audience. We’ll guide you with questions that will help you uncover what’s unique about your expertise and knowledge.

When we’re finished, you’ll have your unique Podcast Guesting Blueprint document and a sense of clarity and direction, because you’ll know how to approach podcast hosts to get booked.

Now just to be clear, this strategy session is free for two reasons:

FIRST, we love helping entrepreneurs and business owners share their message, so they can impact others. That’s why we wake up in the morning.

SECOND, we know that many of the entrepreneurs who go through this strategy session will want to work with us directly to implement the strategies we identify, and that’s obviously the reason we’re in business.

Now, if that’s not you, that’s totally fine. You will still walk away with a tangible strategy (your Podcast Guesting Blueprint document) you can implement on your own.

But the only way to get your blueprint is to find a time that works to chat with our team below.

Get Your Voice Heard At Scale!

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charlie bailes, CEO @ CB Supplements

“Extremely satisfied.”

I’ve gotten to meet some really awesome people, which I’m grateful for that. So I’ve loved the experience and highly recommend it to anybody who’s trying to get into the podcasting world.

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ANDREw bartlow, founder & CEO @ Series b consulting

I've been thrilled!”

I think this is a really high-quality service that supports people that are trying to get their message out and trying to raise their profile. This campaign enhanced my brand and I think this could work for people in a number of other areas and fields.

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Lisa song sutton, serial entrepreneur

“Pleased with the results!”

One of the things I really appreciate is that as soon as I sent in my inquiry, I hopped on a Zoom call and there was just no pressure, you guys really took the time to kind of hear me out and figure out what I wanted to do and what direction I wanted to go. And that’s just been so helpful along the way. 

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finnian kelly, founder & CEO @ intentionality inc

“I love working with them!”

I’ve been super impressed with their experience so far. I’m over halfway through the journey with them. I’ve been getting some incredible podcasts. Everything’s been so easy. My team ever loved working with their team. And they’re great champions and great supporters of our brand.

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robert brabo, Founder & CEO @ Hail media group

“It's well worth the time, the money, the effort.”

If you’re in the business world, and you have products that you’re selling to consumers or other businesses and you want an avenue to get yourself out there and get your brand out there, Speak On Podcasts will definitely help you do that.