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Meet Sahil Patel, CEO of Spiralyze. He reveals the secrets from optimizing 34,000 landing pages using data from 130k A/B tests, and working with SaaS leaders such as Crowdstrike, ActiveCampaign, and 200 more.

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Who is Sahil?

Sahil Patel is the CEO of Spiralyze, a leading company specializing in predictive CRO and data-driven landing page optimization. Prior to Spiralyze, Sahil was the CEO and founder of ER Express, a successful SaaS company, which he led for 11 years before its sale in 2021.

With over 23 years of experience in sales, operations, software development, and finance, Sahil also holds an undergraduate degree from Emory University and an MBA from Harvard.

Throughout his career, Sahil has worked with renowned organizations such as Netflix, Podium, NBA, Lowe’s, Harvard University, and Gusto. He specializes in landing page conversion optimization, running over 130,000 A/B tests for clients, and offers unique insights into best practices for efficient A/B testing.

Sahil is based in Atlanta, where he lives with his wife and two daughters, and pursues his passion for music through his Rush cover band.


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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Landing Page Conversion Optimization: Surprising Lessons From 130k A/B Tests

More often than not, B2B SaaS companies spend 50-100K per month driving paid traffic to their landing pages, only to be met with disappointing conversion rates. The sad truth is that running paid traffic has grown into an industry-wide addiction – companies feel they “must” do it, regardless of poor results. This leads to organizations being trapped in this vicious cycle of pouring money into a leaking bucket.

On your podcast, Sahil will offer a pragmatic approach companies can leverage to break free from this cycle. Drawing from his experience in running over 130,000 A/B tests in landing pages for companies such as CrowdStrike, TimeDoctor, and Ubbersuggest, Sahil will share his 3 foundational principles for optimization: running numerous tests, making substantial changes, and prioritizing testing proven winners.

Topic #2

A/B Testing Done Right: 4 Best Practices For 2024

The world of A/B testing is filled with myths and misconceptions. Many believe it’s a game of sheer luck or that mimicking competitor’s strategies is the key to success. After running tens of thousands of tests for top organizations, Sahil has identified a common challenge: understanding and implementing effective tactics that yield consistent results.

On your podcast, Sahil will unpack his 4 key tactics to run successful A/B tests. He’ll discuss the importance of showcasing your product, making your content easily skimmable, addressing potential objections, and securing micro-commitments. Sahil will also share insights into how these tactics have been implemented by industry leaders, providing your audience with actionable strategies to refine their own A/B testing approach.

Topic #3

How To Run Efficient A/B Test Without Big Traffic

A common misconception within the industry is that A/B testing requires a substantial amount of traffic to be effective. This belief often deters medium-sized companies from taking advantage of the insights A/B testing can provide, believing they don’t have the required volume of traffic or conversions to achieve statistically significant results.

On your show, Sahil will debunk this myth, arguing that while certain thresholds exist, even companies with moderate traffic can reap the benefits of A/B testing. He will also discuss how the overemphasis on achieving unrealistically high statistical significance can slow the testing process and share a more flexible, pragmatic approach that encourages continual iteration to effectively improve conversion rates.

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