Relevancy Over Personalisastion In Podcast Guesting

Relevancy > Personalisation

A perfectly personalised email won’t work if sent to an irrelevant podcast.

An email sent to the right podcast will work even without tons of personalisation.

Let me explain.

When people reach out to podcast hosts to appear on their show, they often focus on the wrong things.

They stalk their IG profiles to find out the name of their dog.

They listen to the podcast to figure out something super specific.

They Google their name to find what they were doing when they were young.


And while all these things CAN help, none of it will matter if your expertise/story doesn’t match the overall podcast theme.

It just won’t.

Focus on the relevancy first.

Once you know that you’re 100% relevant for that specific podcast, THEN increase your chances by adding personalisation to your email.

Otherwise you’re wasting your time.

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