PR Agencies Suck At Getting Podcast Bookings

PR agencies have a hard time booking clients on podcasts.


It requires a completely unique approach.

You see, most PR agencies are generalists.

They offer tons of other services.

And oftentimes, podcast booking is just one of many.

So what will they most likely do?

A. Craft a unique process JUST for booking podcasts
B. Do the same thing as with other media outlets

Unfortunately, the B. is correct.

Look, there might be agencies that do it right. And that’s great.

But from talking to countless podcast hosts, the worst pitches they receive are usually from PR agencies that offer podcast booking as one of many services…

No personalization.
No relevancy.

So if appearing on podcasts is important to you, always review the process before you commit to working with an agency.

Spray & Pray might have worked in 2018.

But today?

You need to be laser-focused.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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