Podcasts Allow You To Go Deep

What’s the longest podcast you’ve ever listened to?

For me, it’s Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

Over 6 hours! (If I remember correctly)

^ And this is what I love about podcasts.

It’s THE format if you want to go really deep.

Of course, you could watch a 6-hour video but the commitment to consume such content would be way higher.

And the reason why people listen to long podcasts is that there’s no friction to consuming them.

I can do anything while listening.

💥 Cook.

💥 Exercise.

💥 Write content on LinkedIn.

And whilst I may not pay the same attention as I’d to video content, it’s still an incredibly powerful touchpoint from a marketing perspective.

Because what other channel allows your audience to connect with you for hours?

Podcasts allow you to know, like, and trust the host and their guests.

And in B2B, that’s all that matters.

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