Podcast Reach Estimates (Still) Suck

Podcast reach estimates are WILDLY inaccurate.

And often, they’re not even directionally correct.

There are many sites and databases that will give you an estimated reach of a podcast.

Why do they exist?

Well, because most marketers want to measure every little thing, including the things that really don’t matter.

(Psst… always focus on the relevance over size)

We took a closer look at a few main databases and found out that the numbers were completely off.

Our assumption was that the numbers will be at least directionally accurate.

But it wasn’t the case.

A tiny podcast showed a higher number than an established show.

Now, how do we know what’s correct?


We go directly to the source: the host.

It won’t get more accurate than that.

But for now, unless you ask, you’ll never know the reach of a specific podcast.

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