Podcast Matchmaking Sites Are Flawed

Podcast matchmaking sites are flawed.

And it seems like no one is talking about it…

Here’s the issue: 👇

💥 From the GUEST’s perspective, the most popular podcasts DO NOT need to be on matchmaking sites.

They are getting bombarded by guest pitches every single day already…

They can cherry-pick the best guests from the ridiculous volume of inbound they get.

And oftentimes, they do guest outreach on their own.

…and that leads me to the second issue:

💥 From the HOST’s perspective, the highest calibre guests are not on the matchmaking sites.

They are busy building their businesses and becoming, well… highest calibre.

Of course there are exceptions but from talking to tons of hosts, matchmaking sites usually lead nowhere.

It’s a distraction as the hosts need to sort through tons of people who are just not the right fit.

(exactly as they do with the email pitches already)


In a nutshell…

Podcast matchmaking sites are a good choice if you’re just getting started, either as a host or as a guest.

They allow you to “get a taste” of podcasting.

But once you realize that podcasting is for you, you better direct your focus elsewhere.

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