Podcast Interview Is Like A Keynote Speech

Would you say ‘no’ to giving a speech to 300 people?

You’d be crazy to decline…

Especially, if people in the audience are your ideal buyers.

The same goes for podcasts.

People who tune into your podcast interview made a conscious decision to listen to YOU.

They weren’t interrupted with any ad, forcing them to listen.


They took the time from their day, opened Spotify, and played your episode.

Now, you have their focus for 30 minutes.

Sure, they might be cooking or exercising but still…

Their intent was clear.

They wanted to learn from YOU about the topic that YOU can talk about.

So the next time you’re considering a podcast interview opportunity, ask yourself this question:

“Will the audience of this podcast benefit from my expertise?”

If the answer is ‘yes’, do it.

The B2B brands that win focus on educating their audience at scale, even if it’s just 200 people at a time.

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