Podcast Guesting Tips

Snackable posts to leverage podcast guesting for your B2B brand the right way.

Guesting On Podcasts Is A Networking Strategy

Guesting on podcasts is a networking strategy. Yet, most brands don’t treat it that way. Here’s what I mean… When people strategically appear on podcasts, they think that everything will happen once the episode goes live. You know… They expect that people start reaching out to them, they get new

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Why So Many Podcast Booking Agencies Fail?

The reason why so few podcast booking agencies *actually* stay in business is that they are too transactional. They send ONE generic email and ONE generic follow-up and that’s it. If the host declines, they don’t even get back to them. If they accept, they don’t say thank you. On

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Are You Ready To Speak On Podcasts?

Not everyone should speak on podcasts… That’s the truth. So how to decide if you’re ready? 💥 First, you should have a unique point of view When you talk to your peers, you can bring something new to the table. Maybe you disagree with their approach and can explain why.

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7 Reasons Why B2B Brands Fail With Podcast Guesting

Some B2B brands succeed with podcast guesting. Some fail. Here are 7 reasons why: 👇 Mindset: 🔻 Company A: “We need to see how it directly affects our revenue, otherwise it doesn’t work.” ✅ Company B: “We want to consistently deliver value to our ICP through channels they like.” Attribution:

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Never Underestimate Your Topic & Preparation

Your podcast topic can make or break your guest appearance. Done correctly, the listener might tune in for 3 hours… Done poorly, your episode gets skipped… 😱 After securing 1,600+ podcast interviews, topic relevance is still one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Yes, you might have 100k

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How Often You Should Appear On Podcasts

Not sure how often you should appear on podcasts? Most of our customers prefer 2-4 interviews per month. Here are 4 reasons why it’s a good choice: 💥 Anything less than 2/mo doesn’t build a momentum When you appear on podcasts as a guest, it opens a lot of opportunities.

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