Podcast Guesting Tips

Snackable posts to leverage podcast guesting for your B2B brand the right way.

Why Less Than 5% Of Guests Get Accepted

The 0.5% podcast host told me THIS last week: “I get around 3,000 guest pitches a year but only record 52 episodes…” Here’s how Scott decides whom to invite as a guest: 👇🏻 💥 The Guest Needs To Be Relevant This, by itself, disqualifies 90% of guest pitches. Most agencies

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4 Ways To Get Invited Onto Podcasts As A Guets

Here are 4 main ways to get booked onto podcasts: 💥 Build a strong personal brand and get invited every week Jason Vana does this really well… He’s one of the most consistent content creators on LinkedIn. And it shows. He receives tons of podcast invitations every month. It’s not

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Podcast Guest Pitch: How To Achieve 50%+ Reply Rates

We’ve sent 1000’s emails to podcast hosts. And in 2 years, our average reply rate is above 51%. Here’s how we do it: 👇 💥 Understanding our clients Before sending the first email, we spend hours learning about the customer we work with. Everything about their career, hobbies, unique points

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How To Win New Customers With Podcast Guesting

Most podcast guests focus only on the audience. But yet, the one guaranteed interaction you’ll always have is… …the one with the host. 👇🏻 Last year, my co-founder Mark Colgan 🇵🇹 appeared on Mark Raffan’s podcast Content Callout. The episode turned out to be great and the audience liked it.

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Remove Friction From Your Podcast CTA

Want more people contact you after your podcast interview? Understand, that your episode is NOT their main priority. 👇 Here are 13 things people do while listening: – Writing an email – Lifting weights – Taking a shower – Walking a dog – Texting their spouse – Browsing a photo

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Most Podcast Booking Agencies Suck

Podcast Host: “Most podcast booking agencies suck.” Here’s what makes a good agency, according to hosts: 👇🏻 💬 “They do their homework” Lazy agencies clutter the host’s inbox every day. As a result, the majority of pitches hosts receive are absolutely irrelevant. ❌ Reach out to all podcasts that mention

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