Podcast Guesting Tips

Snackable posts to leverage podcast guesting for your B2B brand the right way.

The # Of Podcast Downloads Is A Useless Metroc

The # of podcast downloads” is a useless metric. It’s like measuring the success of your ebook based on how many times it’s been downloaded. Yeah, it’s nice that someone downloaded the episode but did they *actually* listen to it? Often, the answer is no. Yet, podcast hosts (and guests)

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Podcast Reach Estimates (Still) Suck

Podcast reach estimates are WILDLY inaccurate. And often, they’re not even directionally correct. There are many sites and databases that will give you an estimated reach of a podcast. Why do they exist? Well, because most marketers want to measure every little thing, including the things that really don’t matter.

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10-Second Podcast Guesting Method (Try This!)

Do you struggle to keep track of your podcast appearances? Use this method to fix this in just 10 seconds p/ week. (Works for both your name and brand name): Step #1: Go to ListenNotes (dot) com Step #2: Search your name or your brand name. Use quotation marks to

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Podcast Outreach: Inhouse vs. Agency

Podcast Outreach: Should you do it in-house or hire an agency? Here’s how to decide… 💥 Do it in-house if: – You have a person who can dedicate 4h/day to research, outreach, and scheduling – You have existing relationships with a few podcast guests – Podcast outreach, as a skill,

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Do This To NEVER Secure A Podcast Interview

Forget about volume. Spamming hundreds of podcast hosts might have worked 5 years ago. But today? Nope. Today, the host has all the leverage. 👇 Consider this example: Imagine you publish 1 episode a week. That’s 52 episodes a year. And if the podcast is any good, the host easily

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B2B Brands You Know Appear On Podcasts

It’s not a coincidence. The most visible B2B brands have a huge podcasting footprint. They either run their branded podcast, appear on other relevant podcasts, or pay for sponsorships. Very often, combining at least two of the above. I’ve searched for 5 successful B2B brands on ListenNotes and here’s what

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