Podcast Guesting Tips

Snackable posts to leverage podcast guesting for your B2B brand the right way.

Why Previous Guests Matter

One of the best indicators of a podcast’s relevancy are the previous guests.⁣ ⁣ You see, it doesn’t matter so much whether the podcast is huge or small.⁣ ⁣ What matters is that it’s relevant to you and your industry.⁣ ⁣ To quickly identify that the podcast is right for

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4 Elements Of High Performing Podcast Guesting Funnels

Do you have your podcast funnel? Most guests completely ignore this. 👇 Here are 4 elements of high-performing podcast funnels: 💥 Compelling Offer You need to have something people need (or want). Example: Free physical copy of your book about Mar Tech 💥 Audience-Offer Match: You need to talk to

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Why Reach Doesn’t Matter In Podcast Guesting

“Jakub, I want to reach hundreds of thousands of people on podcasts!” If you care ONLY about the reach, buy a billboard. If you want to make an impact, go after relevancy: 👇 Your message on podcasts will land better if the audience is educated about your category. Here’s an

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Podcasts Allow You To Go Deep

What’s the longest podcast you’ve ever listened to? For me, it’s Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Over 6 hours! (If I remember correctly) ^ And this is what I love about podcasts. It’s THE format if you want to go really deep. Of course, you could watch a 6-hour video but

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Video Guest Pitch vs. Email Guest Pitch

Video pitch vs. Email pitch What works better? 👇 Here’s what I learned from the top 0.5% podcast host: “Video is great BUT… … email gets a reply faster.” Why is that? Simple. Although the video is more personalized and shows more dedication, it also creates friction. The host needs

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Winning The Biggest MRR Client After One Interview

Sometimes, the results come when you least expect them. This is how one of our customers won their highest MRR account. …And how it paid for his podcast campaign 9 times over. For context, our customer is a seed-stage SaaS company providing a cybersecurity solution. Our objective was to book

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