Podcast Guesting Tips

Snackable posts to leverage podcast guesting for your B2B brand the right way.

Podcast Call To Action Template

At the end of your podcast interview, the host will ask you where can people learn more about you. And that’s when most people mess up. Why? Because they don’t make it clear enough. Guest: “Visit my website.” Listener’s mind: “Okay. What’s the URL?” Guest: “Reach out to me via

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Podcast Guesting Is Not Linear

Someone listened to your podcast interview… They ignored all call to actions… And yet, they became customers… Why? 🤔 It’s simple. 💡 They weren’t ready to buy from you when they heard you for the first time. But your podcast interview still did its job: 👉 It made a potential

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Are You Ready To Start Speaking On Podcasts?

In podcast guesting, the right timing is important. Here are the differences for young vs. established brands: 💥 A young brand: In this context, let’s pretend that you run a pre-seed or a seed SaaS company. The chance is that you are still “figuring stuff out”. Maybe you haven’t nailed

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Your First Podcast Interview WIll Suck

Doing things for the first time usually sucks. It’s uncomfortable. And appearing on podcasts is no different. Every week, we have a bunch of coaching calls with our customers. For many of them, it’s their first time appearing on podcasts. And although they’re skilled entrepreneurs and executives, even then they

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Get The Benefits Of Having A Podcast Without Launching One

You don’t need to start a podcast to get the benefits. 🤯 Here’s an alternative approach most B2B marketers ignore… When it comes to crafting a B2B podcasting strategy, most companies think that they should start a podcast. But running a podcast requires A LOT of commitment and budget (if

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Podcast Reviews (Usually) Don’t Matter

Many podcast hosts love to chase vanity metrics… Their favorite? The number of reviews on Apple Podcasts. 🤦‍♂️ At Speak On Podcasts, we’ve seen podcasts with 100s of 5* reviews, yet the podcasts were horrible. We’ve also seen shows with less than 10 reviews and they were top-notch. You see,

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