Podcast Guesting Shouldn’t Be Your Only Marketing Activity

This will sound weird coming from me but…

Podcast guesting shouldn’t be your ONLY marketing activity.

There are simply too many things outside your control.

The truth is, your podcast appearances will work the best if you have other marketing channels already established.


It allows you to take a bit more control of how well your episode will perform.

Let me explain:

Imagine you start appearing on podcasts.

And that’s the only thing you do.

You don’t post on LinkedIn, you don’t have a newsletter or a blog.

You just speak on podcasts.

Awesome… It’s better than nothing, but…

You just rely on the host to do all the work.

You expect that listeners will reach out to you.

And whilst it might turn out great, you have no influence over it.

Now, imagine another scenario.

You finish a podcast interview, it goes live, and now you can:

– Post about it on LinkedIn (multiple times)
– Tweet about it
– Share the appearance in your newsletter
– Turn a podcast into a blog post

See the difference?

By leveraging other channels throughout your podcast guesting journey, you’ll see way better results, way quicker.

So if you’re considering appearing on podcasts as a guest, think about how you’ll work with the episodes after they go live too.

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