Podcast Guesting Is A Long-Term Strategy

Three to four months.

☝🏻 That’s how long it takes to see the results from speaking on podcasts.

And here’s why it’s a good thing… 👇🏻

Every week, we have conversations with potential customers who want to start appearing on podcasts as guests.

And one of the core things they help them to understand is that it takes a couple of months to see the results.

This, by itself, disqualifies prospects that don’t care about brand awareness.

As a result, only executives and founders who understand that brand building takes time, stick around.

Yes, you can speed up the process but if you’re on a strict schedule, maybe consider different – more immediate – strategies.

But if you want to show the human side of your company, there is currently not a better marketing channel that allows you to be authentic than speaking on podcasts.

(If done correctly)

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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