Podcast Guesting: Hire An Agency Or Do It In-House?

Podcast Guesting Campaign:

Should you do it in-house or hire an agency?

Here’s how to decide:

💥 Do it in-house if:

– You have a person who can dedicate 4h/day to research, outreach, and scheduling
– You have existing relationships with a few podcast guests
– Podcast outreach, as a skill, fits into your overall service/product offering
– You don’t mind experimenting and being uncertain about the result
– You don’t have a budget to hire an agency or a consultant

💥 Hire an agency if:

– The opportunity cost of figuring out the process is higher than the agency fee
– You can’t allocate a person to focus on this activity as you’re at full capacity
– You don’t have any existing relationships with podcast hosts
– You want to see the results quickly
– You tried it in-house and failed 🙂


The thing is… Both approaches work.

But it mainly boils down to the opportunity cost.

So ask yourself this question:

“Can someone on our team focus JUST on this effort for 4 hours a day without sacrificing other, more impactful, tasks?”

Based on the answer, decide.

PS: From our experience, an inexperienced intern won’t secure any bookings. You’ll need a person who knows how to find contact details, write compelling emails, keep their admin updated, and communicate clearly with the hosts, producers, and speakers.

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