Podcast Guest Pitch: How To Achieve 50%+ Reply Rates

We’ve sent 1000’s emails to podcast hosts.

And in 2 years, our average reply rate is above 51%.

Here’s how we do it: 👇

💥 Understanding our clients

Before sending the first email, we spend hours learning about the customer we work with.

Everything about their career, hobbies, unique points of view, controversial opinions, talking points… you name it.

It’s essential to be then able to propose the best angle for the podcast.

💥 Finding the most relevant podcasts

Once we REALLY know the client, we can begin the research phase.

We focus on relevancy over volume and usually end up with a list with less than 30 perfect-fit podcasts.

The next step?

💥 Identifying a unique angle for each podcast

To craft a compelling podcast pitch email, we often listen to an episode (or a part of it) and find the host on social media.

Then, based on these findings, we propose the best angle for the interview, so the host doesn’t have to burn calories thinking about it.

It usually takes around 25-45 minutes to write just one email.

💥 Following up

Less than 50% of podcast interviews we secure are booked after the first email.

Why? Podcast hosts are busy and sometimes, to get a reply, we need to follow up.

We usually send around 4-5 value-driven follow-up emails in different frequencies.


In a nutshell…

Achieving high reply rates is NOT just about the email itself.

No matter whom you reach out to, make sure you do your homework before you start drafting your message.

Of course, it will never be perfect and you might receive some angry replies.

But it’s okay. It’s a part of the process as you can’t control people.

Detach from the outcome, always do your best, and the results will come.


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