Podcast Call To Action Template

At the end of your podcast interview, the host will ask you where can people learn more about you.

And that’s when most people mess up.


Because they don’t make it clear enough.

Guest: “Visit my website.”
Listener’s mind: “Okay. What’s the URL?”

Guest: “Reach out to me via LinkedIn.”
Listener’s mind: “Okay… Why?”

Guest: “Listen to our podcast.”
Listener’s mind: “Okay. What’s the name and where can I find it?”

I know what some of you might be thinking now, though…

You don’t want to sound salesy or pushy.

And that’s okay, no one does.

Yet, to get the most out of your podcast appearance, you should have your CTA prepared.

To do that, answer the following questions:

Who should reach out to me?
What do they want to achieve?
What can I offer to help them?
How can they get it?

👇 Then, your CTA might sound like this:

“John, thanks again for having me, I had a blast! And sure, if your listeners enjoyed our chat, they can visit our website at SpeakOnPodcasts (dot) com and learn more about what we do and if we might be able to help. Or, if you’d like to talk to me directly, you search for my name on LinkedIn and shoot me your question. I’m always happy to chat.

So it’s either our website SpeakOnPodcasts (dot) com. PodcastS – plural. :)) Or my LinkedIn… Just search for my name there and you’ll find me. I think I’m the only Jakub Zajicek there, haha.”


What about you?

Do you prepare your CTA or just wing it?

Is podcast guesting right for you?

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