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Dan mcgaw, ceo & founder @

“A LOT of content!”

Podcasts were a really really low-energy lift for us to get the word out there and to be able to create a LOT of content. And not only that we create content IN the podcasts but we also use those podcasts to repurpose to be used elsewhere.


B2B SaaS Podcast Authority Tour

How we’ve booked over 1,800 interviews in the past 2 years

Bespoke Strategy & Research

We have a proven blueprint to matching you with the perfect podcasts which is based on thorough research designed around your individual needs.

Fully-Managed Outreach

We handle everything – all you need to do is prepare for your appearance, turn up and speak about the things you already know better than anyone else.

Professional Coaching

Our professional speaking experts will hold your hand to help you become a confident speaker, remove nervousness, and leverage each appearance to the fullest.

Content & Distribution

Along side of your appearances, we can create and distribute content in your tone of voice to help extend the reach and impact of your podcast interviews.

Campaign Setup

During the first weeks, we define the audience requirements, craft 3-4 compelling topics, find the right podcasts, and build all campaign assets


& Scheduling

Once your team signs off all the campaign materials, we start reaching out to the relevant hosts to secure first bookings.


& Support

We’ll help you be fully prepared before the first interview. Additionally, you and your team will learn 3 main ways to monetize your podcasts.

1,800+ podcast interviews booked...

Starts at $9,700

You meet with us for one hour and in four weeks, hosts start inviting you on their podcasts.

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Alan Gleeson, Founder @ Work With Agility

“Exceptionally professional”

It’s been great to get opportunities to share my ideas and thoughts with so many different B2B SaaS podcasts around the world. Something that it would have taken me a really long time if I had been doing it myself.

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Romi Davidor, Marketing Manager @ Stoke Talent

“Everything was on time”

As a marketeer, I work with dozens of vendors. And working with somebody that you can trust is very important because, in marketing, you don’t see results right away. You need someone that can adapt and do the best on their side. For that, I definitely recommend Speak On Podcasts.