Perfect Podcast Topic: Deconstructed

Invited onto a podcast as a guest? 🎉

Let’s unpack one of the most important pieces of the puzzle:

Your topic: 👇

Yes, I know… You can talk about a lot of things.

But the key is to focus on just ONE topic at a time.

First, let’s pick the topic that:

💥 Fits perfectly the podcast you got invited on

💥 Supports your business and personal goals

Got one?

Now, choose the right angle for that specific podcast.

💥 Topic: Appearing on podcasts as a strategy
🎯 Angle for an HR podcast: Using podcast appearances to attract future employees

💥 Topic: Appearing on podcasts as a strategy
🎯 Angle for a B2B Marketing podcast: How to generate demand by speaking on podcasts

Not sure which *angle* is the best?

Here are a few tips:

💥 Listen to previous episodes

💥 Schedule a pre-interview call with the host

💥 Read reviews on Apple iTunes to see what the audience enjoys

Once you land your topic and angle well, congratulations.

You’re halfway to delivering an interview that makes an impact.


In a nutshell:

Come up with a unique interview angle for each podcast you get invited on.

Hosts will appreciate it more and you’ll have more fun.

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