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From Expelled From School To $100M In Revenue

Meet Orrin Klopper. As the CEO of Netsurit, he shares how he grew his MSP business to 300+ people, $100M+ in revenue, and built a winning culture.

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Who is Orrin?

Orrin Klopper is the CEO of Netsurit, which he co-founded 24 years ago during the lead-up to Y2K. At the time, organizations were being ripped off by IT companies and paying a fortune for technology they did not need. 

Orrin and his partners saw an opportunity to provide managed outsourced services for companies and differentiate themselves by being honest, ethical and fair.

He is always innovating for new ways of work. His people-focused leadership leads his team’s incredible, aspirational culture and their dream program. He is a passionate Microsoft Partner and committed to serve both employees and clients by nurturing and realizing their dreams.

In addition to his role leading Netsurit, He is active in the Young Presidents’ Association (YPO) and the Entreprenuers’ Organization and earned a masters diploma in Entrepreneurship from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management.

Once Orrin had dinner with Billie Jean King. Already in her 70s and she had the most amazing positive energy.

Orrin attended 9 schools as a kid. Only got expelled from 3. So 6 out of 9 is not a bad result.

Outside of work, he enjoys swimming, traveling, drinking wine and hanging out with his little Lulu. He is also involved in a public education trust.




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What Your Audience Could Learn

Topic #1

Supporting the Dreams of the Doers: The $100M Company Culture Secret

In the realm of purpose-driven businesses, the challenges of fostering a strong company culture are amplified, especially for large companies like Netsurit, which boasts over 300 employees and $100M in revenue. The key lies in aligning the myriad personal ambitions with the company’s goals, a task made daunting by the fast-paced nature of the business world.

In your podcast, Orrin will delve into how a purpose-driven approach can propel business growth. His unique “Dreams Program” embodies this, encouraging employees to chase personal dreams while fulfilling their professional roles. This strategy not only boosts morale but also cements a deeper commitment to the company’s mission.

More about his unique approach here.

Topic #2

The 3 'Must-Haves' When Exiting Your Business

When an entrepreneur is looking to sell the business, there are 3 key areas to consider: culture alignment, customer satisfaction, and financial reward. But yet, most business owners often ignore two out of these three elements as they solely focus on the financial reward. This short-term thinking often leads to a loss in valuation as the risk for the buyer is higher.

On your podcast, Orrin can share his key learnings from a buyer’s point of view. Since 2021, Orrin has gone through six multi 7-figure acquisitions to scale his MSP business to over $100M in revenue. He’ll talk about why entrepreneurs shouldn’t burn any bridges, as team and customer satisfaction throughout the process are essential to driving valuation and creating true win-win company acquisitions.

Topic #3

Beyond Money: How To Find The Right Acquirer For Your Business

Selling a business is not just about the financial aspect but also about the employees and clients. It’s crucial to find an acquirer that shares your values and goals. However, identifying the right acquirer is a challenge. Even with multiple offers, it’s still difficult to find a buyer with the same values and vision as you.

On your podcast, Orrin will share how to find the right acquirer for your business. As someone who has scaled his MSP business to 9 figures and 300+ employees through acquisitions, he’ll uncover what goes into finding your perfect match. Specifically, how to build your network, if you should attend conferences, and whether more volume is really the answer…

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