B2B marketers must be curious | Nick Bennett, Alyce

What’s the one marketing trend that you wholeheartedly disagree with?

I would say one trend that I wholeheartedly disagree with is that everything should be measured.

As a marketer. leaders want to measure everything. But I’m under the understanding and mindset that 80% should be tied to revenue, 20% to brand and experimental type stuff, and that 20% can’t always be measured.

But I guarantee you the ROI of some of those things that you get in that 20% is going to outweigh a lot of those revenue type programmes.

If you could talk to all B2B revenue leaders in the world for 1 minute, what would you say?

Empower your SMEs within the company to start creating content.

Creating content, whether that’s through written form, video form podcasts, it’s incredibly important in the way that people buy today.

And if you aren’t empowering people to be creators, in these b2b companies, you’re going to be behind b2c understands this, but b2b is lacking.

It’s kind of like, they’ll adopt it, and you’re starting to see it now. And I think at 2023, you’ll see it even more. But you need to have the empowerment from the revenue leaders that are up at the top.

What’s the most important character trait that helps you succeed in your career? Why?

I would say that the most important thing, and I think this is something that I actually looked higher for as well is curiosity.

And I don’t care if you’re, you know, the best marketer in the world.

But if you’re curious, and if you’re willing to be curious, that is something that isn’t teachable, but it’s an incredible trait and personality trait for especially for marketers.

Because we do so much incredible things and if you’re curious about taking on new challenges and stepping outside your comfort zone, it can really elevate who you are as an individual both personally and professionally.

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