Becoming The Hottest Podcast Booking Agency

In the last months, we’ve grown from just 3 people to almost 20, booked hundreds of podcast interviews, and learned which customers benefit the most from our service.

Whilst working with authors and coaches was rewarding, we decided to build on our previous experience of being involved in the B2B industry in the past years.

We love this vertical!

It’s full of brands and people who innovate, disrupt, and seek new opportunities.

Yet, after talking with marketing executives, founders, and agencies, we’ve found out that the way that B2B brands think about PR is… boring.

The complete opposite of how they think about their products.

Spark the interest… the right way!

The B2B market is very competitive but the PR strategies deployed by B2B brands are boringly traditional.


We get it, it’s nice to see your brand on the popular website but at the end of the day, it’s just another faceless press release that doesn’t make the reader feel anything.

B2B brands opt into these strategies because their competition does the same thing. But deploying the same strategy as everyone else makes it very difficult to stand out.

People buy from people. Especially during pandemics and isolation, your customers seek brands that are human, authentic, and relatable.

Yes, in B2B as well.

Authenticity and human element make brands more trustworthy which leads to tons of benefits.

That’s where we found our opportunity.

Podcasts are the most intimate channel that B2B brands use to tell their story, increase trust, and gain a competitive edge.

It’s on!

Our previous branding, messaging, and communication worked perfectly for coaches, authors, and consultants – a fantastic target audience that makes quick decisions and is highly involved throughout the process.

But also a target audience that faces different challenges and goals than marketing executives we’ve talked to and placed on podcasts.

Long story short, our brand didn’t align with what we want to accomplish.

PR should make you look attractive, trustworthy, and support your thought leadership position.

We put our heads down to figure out how the new Speak On Podcasts brand can embody just that, all while looking trendy, innovative, and dynamic.

We wanted to match the emotion our target audience wants to feel when thinking about their presence and products.

As a result, we came up with a new visual direction & messaging that glues all these ideas together. The new symbol, new logo, new value proposition, new offer.

We’re ready to become the hottest podcast booking agency out there.

New direction, same values

Even though we look different, some things never change – the non-negotiables. We’ve committed to run every major decision we make through our 6 core values. This way, we’re staying true to our team members, customers, and ourselves.

The relationships we keep with podcast hosts are also crucial. We’ve committed to never stop increasing the quality of our podcast outreach, even though we’re already preferred by many hosts as their go-to guest source.

But most importantly, it’s about our customers. In the next year, we’ll be rolling out more innovative ideas, increasing our scope, and helping even more B2B brands dominate through the power of podcasts.

Stay tuned.

Reach 1000s of your ideal customers by speaking on podcasts.